> 22.04.2022-22.05.2022 I Momentography of a failure [translocal] I atelierautomatique I Bochum
> 21.01.2022-01.04.2022 I Momentography of a failure [translocal] I Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung IBerlin
16.11.2021-21.11.2021 I Momentography of a failure [translocal] I Das Schaubüdchen I Bochum.
> Nov 2020-March 2021: Exhibition in Akademie der Künste der Welt
> Sep 2020:  Exhibition in Fotoraum  in the framework of  Gallery weekend AIC ON
> The German Society for Photography (DGPh) awards the education 2019 prize to Momentography of a failure.  Read more
momentography of a failure [translocal] brings together diverse positions working with multiple disciplines that deal with the controversial world of platforms and the counter strategies that emerge in response.

The gig economy, information economy, surveillance economy and their many proliferations demand identifying a shift of labor from the industrial economy to platform economy: A shift in resource extraction that has introduced data as the black gold of the twenty first century, a shift from proletariat to precariat that has brought unprecedented controversies and new forms of precarity to workers.

The works have come together in the framework of Momentography of a failure workshops, a collaboration with couriers, artists, activists, urbanists and writers.
momentography of a failure [translocal] is accessible as Window shop exhibition, as a newspaper distributed by food couriers, and online via

Contributions by:
Alina Lupu, Andreas Arnold, Desiree Kabis, Eva Busch, Fábio Luís Franco, Jan lemitz, Julio linares, Leon-Maxim Lindner, Marvin Systermans, Nada Schroer, Nafiseh Fathollahzadeh, Semih Yalcin, Stefanie pluta, Tytus szabelski.

Workshop Addis Ababa, 2019
Momentography of a failure [Kurdistan] 52 Pages 2018
Workshop BLO Ateliers Berlin, 2018 2017
Momentography of a failure [Tehran] ©Yashar Sabunchi, Mehrad Amin kazemi, Nafiseh Fathollahzadeh