MOMENTOGRAPHY OF A FAILURE APP  is a mapping and curation tool that enables users to create augmented photographic layer on the world map and addresses the “Failure” by mapping them with photographs, geotags and texts in particular contexts such as Labour Rights, Racism, Urban Space, Economy, control etc.

The “Failure” bears a double meaning which can emphasize a problem or a potential according to the context of the submitted photograph and the textual statement.


> curates photo-essays from all around the world through workshops and open calls under specific contexts as described above.

invites professional & non-professional photographers to be part of the “citizenry of photography” by showing, revealing and discussing a Failures in their environment.

> travels to cities around the world and offers photography and urban research workshops with a focus on specific contexts like Urban space, Politics, Economy, etc. The participatory photography practice and collaborative research provide theoretical and practical exchange and offer participants a digital tool for reading a city and writing on the city.

> guides you to the photo-essays reported by locals.

It is open for your thoughts & interaction.