Momentography of a failure workshop [Berlin]


Momentography of a failure workshop [Cologne]
Parham Mortazavian is an urban researcher from iran based in Berlin. He studied Architecture in Tehran which was followed by a Master of Science in Urban Management in Technische Universität Berlin.
His focus in practice and in research is on how social practices create and change the urban space in different social, political, and regulatory processes. He has been working on alternative urban settlements, from co-living spaces in Berlin at id22:Institute for creative sustainability, Tehran’s urban renewal project at the slum district in the south of Tehran in upgrading and enabling company Currently as the researcher/program planner at Raf Projects e.V, in a team he organises art shows and residencies such as a recent one at ZKU Berlin. Recently and in collaboration with CLB Berlin, he is working on a knowledge exchange program between Berlin and Tehran, including symposiums, exhibitions and urban interventions bringing academics, architects and artists together in both cities.